Free IT Assessment

Big or small, nearly all companies are dependent on their computer network to function. When the network grinds to a halt, productivity halts also. Generally speaking, almost ¾ of the IT budget of companies today go to system maintenance alone, with the remaining spent on acquisitions and upgrades.

If your company suffers from the same predicament, just imagine how your operations can improve if your budget allocations can be reversed. Your company stands a lot to gain if majority of your funds are freed up for IT investment on systems that aid with productivity, and break-down less frequently.

Find out what your company needs right now by letting our experts perform a FREE and thorough assessment of your IT system. During our assessment we will do the following:

  • A face-to-face meeting to understand your company’s goals and use of technology
  • Comprehensive network analysis
  • IT security assessment
  • Documentation of IT assets

How Does a Free Assessment Work?

Step 1: Contact us to schedule a free assessment for your company. We will schedule for a time and date that is most amenable to your schedule.

Step 2: We will visit your site of operation and perform a thorough and comprehensive inspection of your IT system.

Step 3: After the visit, we will work to provide you with a complete assessment report about your existing IT system. This report will include but is not limited to the following:

  • The actual costs you incur from running your current IT system
  • Rate of effectiveness of your current IT system
  • List of areas which require improvement or would benefit from significant investment in upgrades
  • A customized service plan proposal tailored specifically to your company’s IT needs
  • The ROI or return of investment you get to enjoy if you were to replace your IT system with our managed support and services