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Businesses must innovate to thrive, yet with the vast variety of technological choices available today it’s nearly impossible to know the best way to go. Take the guess work out of these critical decisions by teaming up with Walk-Through Tech! We provide a complementary network assessment and service proposal uniquely tailored to your business. With no cost or obligation, the decision could not be easier!

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Procurement & Installs

Let us help you make informed decisions on high quality hardware and software, and then provide it at a competitive price.

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Maintenance & Repairs

Utilizing a full arsenal of specialized tools used by professionally trained & experienced technicians, we are prepared to tackle your technical problems properly.

When done properly networking makes your life easier, but when done wrong it’s an unending nightmare. With CCNA training, thousands of dollars invested in the right tools, and extensive networking experience, Walk-Through Tech will plan, implement, and maintain your network into something beautiful.

Varying from straightforward NAS (network drives) to redundant virtualized domain and exchange servers, Walk-Through Tech is prepared to meet your server needs.

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'WTT Remote'

‘WTT Remote’ provides convenience and flexibility, allowing clients the option of remotely logging into their computers and/or receiving live remote support, all through a secure encrypted channel.

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Emergency Service

We strive to provide timely service in emergency situations, but more importantly specialize in providing strategies to minimize the possibility of downtime altogether.

All computer storage devices (solid state or hard drives), whether unexpected or not, inevitably fail. Is your important data backed up? How frequently? WTT provides and implements customized backup strategies, so in the event of hard-drive failure your data stays safe.

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WTT supports ILDVR and other surveillance systems. Benefits include flexible 24/7 HD recording and the use of both IP and traditional CCTV cameras. Systems are networkable and can be monitored through a variety of means including a smart phone app!

Brands we sell

At WTTi we are able to procure a wide variety of quality hardware and software from top brands and vendors. If you are interested in a specific brand we should be more than able to facilitate your request through our distributors. The most frequent brands we sell include:

(others by request)