Pay as you go

  • No contract
  • One simple rate

Preferred Customer

  • 1-4 Year Agreements
  • Preference (Jump the line)
  • Discounted included monthly service hours
  • Locked-in Pricing
  • Bundled Service Discounts
  • WTTi Encrypted Off-site Backup (option available) 
  • WTTi Remote Support (option available)
  • 24/7 Proactive Network Monitoring & Repair (option available)
  • Assigned Technician (A familiar face for the majority of your IT services)
  • Customizable Plans (built-to-order just for you)
  • One Simple Rate for labor overages

Complete IT

  • 1-4 Year Agreements
  • Preference (Jump the line)
  • Labour Discounts (Bulk purchasing)
  • Locked-in Pricing
  • Bundled Service Discounts
  • WTTi Encrypted Off-site Backup
  • WTT Remote (Remote support)
  • Network Monitoring (Proactive repair)
  • Direct Support (WTTi Tech assigned to you)
  • Flexible Plans (Uniquely built for you)
  • Extended Warranty Included
  • IT equipment Included (Computers, software, servers etc.)
  • Disposal of Retired Equipment (Securely erase data, recycle/donate old hardware etc.)
  • One Simple Rate for out-of-scope labor overages

Complete IT Service Plans

Highest level of support, this is our version of Fully Managed I.T. These 2-3 year plans contain all IT expenses into a single predicable monthly expense. They include hardware (computers, servers, network hardware), software, up to unlimited IT support, and warranty on all physical equipment. The client maintains ownership of the equipment following the completion of the contract term. Complete IT Service plans include all of the features of Preferred Customer Service Plans. We would be more than happy to provide you with more information

Preferred Customer Service Plans

These plans are highly flexible, often including specific service requirements like ongoing maintenance of an off-site sever, off-site backups services, or remote repair and support. 

Preferred Customer Service Plans are offered for 1-3 year periods and include:

  • Preferred customer service ahead of standard customers
  • Discounted bulk purchasing of monthly service hours (hours do not roll-over)
  • Locked-in price protection against labor increases
  • Group service discounts
  • Access to WTT off-site backup & remote support & repair services (fees apply for WTT off-site backup services)
  • WTT Technician(s) assigned to your company providing you with the convenience of a single primary contact. (In the event that the primary technician is unavailable we can provide another technician to provide support in a timely manner).

On-Demand pay-as-you-go Service

Some customers prefer the simplicity of pay-as-you-go. We are happy to help you with your IT needs at our simple hourly rate. We are ready to help you with your IT issues right now!